Special Activity Group 6 (SAG6) is aimed at establishing advances for composite concrete and steel structures.
The group is coordinated by professor Edoardo Cosenza, Professor of Structural Engineering and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Naples, Federico II, Italy.
Two working groups were formed. Bridges (coordinated by professor Giuseppe Mancini) and Buildings (coordinated by professor Marisa Pecce).
The SAG 6 kick-off Workshop was held in Naples on the 14th and 15th December 2009. Participants from Europe and Japan attended the meeting and gave presentations on a number of crucial topics dealing with composite constructions.
The agenda of the meeting is provided below:


  Morning Afternoon
Monday 9.00-9.30: Welcome – Introduction (prof. Cosenza) 13.15-14.45: Bridges (prof. Mancini, Raoul, Yamazaki, Yamazaki, Dezi, Corres)14.45-15.45: Open Discussion15.45-16.00: Coffee Break16.00-17.30: Buildings (prof. Pecce, Napoli, Nigro)17.30-18.30: Open Discussion

20.00-22.00: Social Dinner

9.30-11.00: General Rules (prof. Leskela, Mola, Stucki)11.00-12.00: Open Discussion12.00-13.15: Lunch
Tuesday 9.00-10.00: Report Buildings10.00-11.00: Discussion11.30-12.30: Report Bridges12.30-13.30: Discussion13.30-14.30: Lunch 14.30-16.00: Plenary SessionFuture Agenda Meeting


Professor Cosenza welcomed the participants and stated the Terms of Reference of the SAG06 as previously submitted to the FIB Officials.
There were 11 technical presentations. The presentations were included in the following three sections:

  • General Rules
  • Bridges
  • Buildings

Two general reports (bridges and buildings) were presented as summary of the above presentations. These reports focused on critical issues stressed during the presentations and set the ground for future work.
At the end of meeting, the plan of actions including the group organization and a tentative schedule of future activities has been formulated.