TE.M.P.E.S. (Innovative Technologies and Materials for Seismic Protection of Historical Buildings)

Funded by: MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Research)

Grant period: September 1st, 2002 – September 1st, 2006

Grant amount: 3,896,176 € for Research – 981,268 € for Technology Transfer and Training

Scientific Coordinator: prof. Gaetano Manfredi

Partners: Restauri e Recuperi srl, DAPS – University of Naples Federico IIDII – University of Naples SUN, DI – University of Sannio, DII – University of Lecce, 3F Data System spa, Aerosoft spa, ENEL Hydro spa


  • OR1: Innovative materials and techniques for restoration and upgrade of tuff masonry members
  • OR2: Study on integrated methodolies for the development of innovative systems for for restoration and upgrade of tuff masonry
  • OR3: Development of a non-destructive technique for survey of existing masonry structures and implementation of a real-time database
  • OR4: Experimental characterization of developed upgrade techniques by tests on small and medium scale prototypes
  • OR5: Development of guidelines for design, execution and quality control of seismic upgrade of masonry structures using advanced materials
  • OR6: Demonstration of effectiveness and feasibility of developed upgrade techniques by a pilot application on a "demonstrator" masonry structure