Applied Statistics and Probability Analysis


Within the Ph.D. Program in Structural, Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Risk (ISGRS), from February 5th to March 1st, 2021 (11h00 to 13h00), Prof. FATEMEH JALAYER will hold, on Microsoft Teams platform, the online short course (3 CFU): Applied Statistics and Probability Analysis.

The lectures will be held in English. Exercise sessions will be held by Dr. HOSSEIN EBRAHIMIAN. All the course notes will be emailed to the students right after the course.

Short Description

This Ph.D. level short-course is dedicated to introducing some elementary concepts in probability. The objective of this course is to introduce the essential concepts and tools that a researcher may encounter in his/her problem-solving. Emphasis is placed on showing the application of probabilistic concepts in real research examples in structural engineering and seismic risk. There are no prerequisites; it is designed to be accessible also to someone with no background in probability theory.


  • Friday 5th February - Elementary Probability Concepts
  • Monday 8th February - Probability Distributions: Discrete
  • Wednesday 10th February - Probability Distributions: Continuous
  • Friday 12th February - Statistics of the Probability Distributions
  • Monday 15th February - Application/Examples
  • Wednesday 17th February - Poisson Probability Distribution I
  • Friday 19th February - Poisson Probability Distribution II
  • Monday 22nd February - Application/Examples
  • Wednesday 24th February - Normal/Lognormal Probability Distributions
  • Friday 26th February - Linear Regression
  • Monday 1st March - Application/Examples

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