XXXII ciclo

Alberto Compagnone
Tutor: Emidio Nigro
Tesi: Probabilistic approach for simplified verification methods of Resistance of steel frames in fire
Gianluca Fasano
Tutor: Alessandro Flora
Tesi: Experimental and numerical investigation of the effectiveness of some innovative techniques to mitigate liquefaction risk
Giacomo Iovane
Tutor: Beatrice Faggiano
Tesi: Innovative seismic resistant structural systems for timber constructions
Rosanna Napolitano
Tutor: Domenico Asprone
Tesi: Experimental and numerical investigations on cold joints in 3D concrete printed elements
Sahar Nazeri (Iran)
Tutor: Aldo Zollo
Tesi: Toward the Next Generation of the Earthquake Early Warning System
Francesca Linda Perelli
Tutor: Giulio Zuccaro
Tesi: Seismic response of NTS masonry buildings through limit state and D.E.M. analyses
Sarmad Shakeel (Pakistan)
Tutor: Raffaele Landolfo
Tesi: In plane seismic performance evaluation of LWS wall for both 
structural and non structural building applications
Francesca Tropeano
Tutor: Ottavia Corbi
Tesi: Cable Systems and Tensile Structures
Roberta Ventini
Tutors: Claudio Mancuso, Alessandro Flora
Tesi: Mechanical behaviour of rockfill with different degrees of saturation


XXXI ciclo

Pasquale Cito
Tutor: Iunio Iervolino
Tesi: Tools, methodologies and discussions about single-site, multi-site and 
sequence-based probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
Tutors: Gianfranco Urciuoli, Claudio Mancuso
Tesi: Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of cemented soils lightened by foam
Mariano Di Domenico
Tutors: Andrea Prota, Gerardo M. Verderame, Paolo Ricci
Tesi: Out-of-plane seismic response and modelling of unreinforced masonry infill walls
Ana Sofia Dias (Portogallo)
Tutors: Gianfranco Urciuoli, Alexia Stokes
Tesi: The effect of vegetation on slope stability of shallow pyroclastic soil covers
Daniele Masi
Tutor: Luciano Rosati
Tesi: Il metodo delle reti di spinta per l'analisi limite di volte e scale in muratura
Mariano Supino
Tutor: Gaetano Festa
Tesi: A probabilistic approach for the estimation of earthquake source parameters from spectral inversion
Akiko Suzuki (Giappone)
Tutor: Iunio Iervolino
Tesi: Seismic fragility assessment of code-conforming buildings in Italy
Mariana Zimbru (Romania)
Tutors: Mario D'Aniello, Raffaele Landolfo
Tesi: Bolted connections for easily repairable seismic resistant steel structures